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KEMRI Conducts Sensitization Training for 43 Counties

Lead County Laboratory Technologists during the COVID-19 Sensitization at KEMRI Headquarters

The Kenya Medical Research institute Rapid Response Team (RTT) today conducted a sensitization training for Laboratory Technologists drawn from 43 Counties at KEMRI headquarters conference hall.

The aim of the training is to equip lead laboratory technicians from the 43 counties on dealing with the Corona Virus pandemic, to enhance individual county preparedness.

The training was officially opened by KEMRIs Director General Prof. Yeri Kombe who welcomed the trainees, “Let us remain calm as we deal with this Public Health menace. In the spirit of keeping our families and communities safe, let us become the point of factual information,” He urged.

The lead trainer was KEMRIs Molecular Virologist Prof. Wallace Bulimo, supported by Dr. Vera Manduku Deputy Director KEMRIs Centre for Clinical Research (CCR), Dr. Joel Lutomiah Deputy Director KEMRIs Centre for Virus Research (CVR), Ms. Rachel Achila among other KEMRI RRT team. The training revolved around the following topics:

  1. The history of Corona Virus.
  2. Infection Prevention and Control (IPC); biosafety & biosecurity.
  3. How to deal with waste management.
  4. Screening and case definition.
  5. COVID – 19 sample collection, acquisition and management.
  6. Risk communication.
  7. Case management.
  8. Psychological first aid.

By Florence Wanza

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  1. Pst. Danson Njaaga Ngugi says:

    I am a pastor from Muranga. Many people are not cautious about Covid-19 because they think the situation is just a fabrication. We are trying to reach and sensetise a few that we can. If you could be more vigilant because you have a bigger muscle the us individuals. Involve us where possible, some of us have passion for reaching out information and helping people in need.

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