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June 23, 2021
July 13, 2021

KEMRI Launched 4 COVID Related Products in Kenya

The Institute has launched four (4) COVID-19 related products that will be a game-changer in the fight against the pandemic in the country and region. The products that include VTM, KEMrub Hand sanitizers, TBcide, KEMiZyme, Proficiency Testing kits were launched during the familiarization visit to KEMRI- Kilifi by the Parliamentary Committee on Health on 18th June 2012.

The Committee in a session led by Hon. Martin Peters Owino, lauded and congratulated KEMRI for being at the forefront in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic has now been demonstrated through the launch of these very critical products that will boost the war against this pandemic. The product launch was witnessed by the Committee members notably, Hon. Dr. Eseli Simiyu, Hon. Capt. Ruweida Mohammed among others, the Chairman of the KEMRI Board of Directors, Dr. Daniel Mbinda and Director General KEMRI Prof. Sam Kariuki among other scientists and dignitaries.

Among the flagship products to be launched during the occasion was the KEMRI VTM which a superior virus transport media used in safe transferring of COVID-19 virus as well as chlamydia and mycoplasma and has no inactivating agent added into it.The KEMRI VTM
supported the COVID-19 diagnosis in the entire country as well as several countries in the Africa region. One of the flagship KEMRI products that played a critical role during the COVID-19 pandemic in Kenya is the KEMRub Hand Sanitizers was also launched during a colorful ceremony in KEMRI-Kilifi. KEMRub is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that has a WHO- recommended formulation with the guarantee of 99% riddance of pathogens. This products’ efficacy has been proven by peer-reviewed studies comparing similar products in the market. This superior quality product is manufactured under very strict quality control guidelines using international quality control standards.

Members of the KEMRI Commercial Enterprise Department, showcase the KEM-VTM during the launch of COVID-19 Related products at KEMRI-Kilifi
Members of the KEMRI Commercial Enterprise Department, showcase the KEMRub Hand sanitizer during the launch of COVID-19 Related products at KEMRI-Kilifi

Another quality product that KEMRI launched was the TBCide premium a chlorine-based stabilized decontaminant (5-5.6% w/v). TBcide has a proven activity against Mycobacterium (spp) which is affordable and effective decontaminant for laboratories and hospitals complete with superior packaging. KEMiZyme is yet another product that was also launched and will soon take the market by storm. This is a stable enzymatic cleaner with a combination of Lipase, Amylase and protease enzymes. it has been proven to remove organic/ biological residues from medical devices used in surgical or invasive medical procedures and a perfect product for laboratories and hospitals. Apart from being cost effective, non-corrosive and equipment friendly, KEMiZyme has shown quick cleaning efficacy with a stability guarantee of within 45 minutes of exposure.

Members of the KEMRI Commercial Enterprise Department, showcase TBcide during the launch of COVID-19 Related products at KEMRI-Kilifi
The Parliamentary Health Committee and Members of KEMRI showcase KEMRI COVID-19 related products during the launch at KEMRI-Kilifi

In the KEMRI launch basket, is yet another product that played a critical role during the pandemic in especially offering solutions in discordancy of COVID-19 results from different laboratories in Kenya was the KEMRI Proficiency Testing kit. The kit which is accredited to offer external quality assessments for HIV antibody tests and COVID-19 Molecular diagnosis through PCR, supported the WHO Somalia in HIV PT for more than eight years. The kit is the 3rd facility to be accredited for COVID-19 molecular diagnosis proficiency testing regionally in both public and private laboratories. Other Products that will soon be launched in a few months time include the KEMRIvid Rapid Test for COVID-19 and KEMRI PCR Test Kit for COVID-19

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