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September 28, 2021
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At least three hundred residents of Kiambu County benefitted from the first-ever specialized medical camp mounted on Saturday, 25th, September 2021 by the Kenya Medical Research Institute in partnership with Christ is the Answer Ministries (CITAM) Church of Kiambu and Kiambu County Government at the Grounds of CITAM Church in Kiambu.

During the medical camp, at least 255 residents took advantage to receive their COVID-19 vaccination, which was part of the services on offer, while others not only received rapid COVID-19 tests but were also screened against lifestyle diseases and other health challenges.

Presiding minister at the CITAM-Kiambu Church, Senior Pastor Rev. Charles Thuku was full of praise for the dedication to service offered by the partnership that mounted a successful medical camp to the benefit of hundreds of the Kiambu community.

A Resident of Kiambu County gets their blood pressure checked
A Resident of Kiambu County gets tested for COVID-19
Ag, DG Prof. Kariuki speaks to residents of Kiambu

“We are extremely gratified by the work that has been done today by KEMRI, we are particularly impressed and humbled by the dedication to service of all of you and for giving your all towards making this a success,” said Rev. Thuku.

His view was shared by Director General Prof. Sam Kariuki who braved the early chilly morning to join the team for the better part of the event. Said he, “indeed, you have done well in line with our motto In Search of Better Health for all our clients”.

Other than the COVID-19 vaccination, other services offered during the camp include testing for lifestyle diseases like; blood pressure (BP), Body Mass Index (BMI) and blood sugar. KEMRI team led by doctors and nurses also offered counselling services to people who needed further medical attention. Above all the CITAM team offered counselling services and spiritual nourishment to the residents of Kiambu.

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