KEMRI Graduate School to collaborate with Universite-Cote-Dazur, France on Biobanking Training
May 31, 2022
KEMRI –JICA In A Continental Research Capacity Building Initiative
June 9, 2022


One of the advantages for students enrolled at KEMRI Graduate School is to be involved in fully sponsored attachment training abroad in universities and institutions that are in partnership with KEMRI. The students receive mentorship and co-supervision by professors at the partner institutions and develop linkages that shall be important in advancing their future research careers.

This year, Nagasaki University – a long term partner of KEMRI, has accepted two KEMRI PhD students for a 6-month sandwich training in Japan under the Planetary Health Africa-Japan Strategic Education (PHASE) program funded by Japan Government. The training begins September 2022.

The two students, Josephat G. Muhia (left) and Salim Omambia (right) , will participate in the summer exchange program to enable them to achieve the PHASE objectives. Mr. Omambia is pursuing a Ph.D. in International Health researching on Health Information Management systems while Mr. Muhia is pursuing his PhD in Public Health researching on factors associated with acute food-borne disease among under-five children in Kenya. In Nagasaki, the two shall be co-supervised by Prof Satoshi Kaneko and Prof Layminth Yoshida respectively.

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