November 24, 2022
Dr. Simon Kariuki Named 2022 AAS Fellow
December 20, 2022

Nagasaki University to work with KEMRI Graduate School to train Kenyan scientists on vaccine development.

Nagasaki university has had a very long-standing partnership with KEMRI in research and research capacity building. As part of the continuing collaboration, and based on current high-priority needs, Nagasaki University will from 2023, work with KEMRI Graduate School (KGS) in high-level training of KEMRI and Kenyan scientists in vaccine development. The agreement was reached during a visit to Nagasaki by Prof. Elijah M. Songok, Director of KEMRI Graduate School. The training will be on the whole vaccine development pipeline from basic science, product development to clinical trials. The vaccine development training will involve the Japanese and Kenyan pharmaceutical industries partnership.

“We are excited on this new focused pathway for partnership”, Prof. Songok said “After the experience of the COVID-19 vaccine, KEMRI is playing a pivotal role in R&D for vaccine research and delivery in Kenya and the partnership with Japan institutions will greatly support our efforts in search for better health for Kenya and the East Africa region.”

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