The Intellectual Property Right (IPR) is responsible for Managing and protecting Institutional data, innovations and intellectual property rights for academic and commercial benefit.

The Intellectual Property Right (IPR) aims to enhance the harnessing and utilization of KEMRI’s intellectual property arising from research for the better health of the people of Kenya, the region and beyond towards social and economic development.

IP management seeks to encourage creativity, innovation, original research and other intellectual activities performed by any person working under the auspices of KEMRI whose independently conceived work is aimed at providing new frontiers in knowledge. KEMRI has adopted and implemented the IPRs policy to provide clear and specific definition of responsibilities, tasks and incentives regarding the management of its IP and IP related aspects of technology Transfer with the aim of laying the foundation for a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within the institute for the greater good of the people of Kenya, the region and beyond.


  1. Creation of awareness among staff
  2. Identification of intellectual propety
  3. Protection of intellectual property
  4. Utilization of intellectual property