Brief Background on Office of Grantsmanship

Grantsmanship Office was established in FY 2006/2007 and named Office of Research Development through International Extra Mural Associate Development Awards grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) of the US. The current Grantsmanship Office was set up in the year 2008 and is located at KEMRI Headquarters, residential Apartment 18.

The overall objective of the Grantsmanship department is to provide support in research financing and development of sustainable research and grant management capacity, and the creation of effective synergy and networks within KEMRI and with donors and partners in public and private sectors.


Funding is vital for research growth in our institutions, a deliberate and consistent flow of research funding information needs to be guaranteed for our researchers introducing Research Beeline came out of this necessity a cutting-edge platform designed to streamline to empower researchers to seek funding, scholarships, and collaboration opportunities by themselves; individually or in groups.

THE KEMRI Internal Research Grant (IRG) Call for Applications FY 2022/2023

The Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) Internal Research Grants (IRGs) funding mechanism seeks to strengthen research capacity in the Institute through supporting innovative research projects. The scope of the research proposals/projects to be supported in the 6th innovations call 2020/2021call must be in line with;

  1. KEMRI’s Strategic Plan- (Click Here)
  2. The National goals and priorities of Kenya’s National Health Sector Medium Term Strategic Plan-(
  3. Kenya Vision 2030-(

Projects that contribute new knowledge applicable to Universal Health Care will have added advantage.  However, proposals that demonstrate exceptional creativity and potential for great impact will equally be considered. Please click here for the link to Guidelines for Application and necessary application forms.

  1. KEMRI Call FY 2022/2023 Application Form
  2. Biosketch Form
  3. 9th Strategic Initiative Call
  4. 7th Multidisciplinary and Intercentre Research
  5. 1st KEMRI Translational Research Call
  6. 11th Early Career Scientist
  7. Mentorship Form
  8. Deputy Director Commitment Form

It is advisable that applicants start the SERU process concurrently with submission of proposals to the IRG within the set timeline for 24th February 2023. This is taking into consideration that once awarded, the grant is expected to be activated within the period of FOUR months. 

List of proposals awarded the KEMRI Internal Research Grant (IRG) for the 7th
Multi-disciplinary and Inter-Centre, 9th Strategic initiative and 11th Early Career Call 2022/2023

List of proposals awarded the KEMRI Internal Research Grant (IRG) for the 6th and 10th Innovations and Early Career Scientist call 2020/2021

Contribution towards Research

For external grants, the Office of Grantsmanship contributes in the Pre-award stage. This is a grant compliance process that happens before a grant is awarded to an applicant; this includes:

Finding funding opportunities and Assisting Scientists in grants application (interpretation of sponsor’s guidelines/policies, budget preparation, acquisition of letters of support and online submissions). The office is also engaged in Post award non-financial submission of external research grants. Below is a list of Government of Kenya Projects Awarded From 2011 to 2019


No. CENTRE Title Principal Investigator
   1. CBRD Generation, Characterization, Maintenance and Propagation of Mice Bone Marrow Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Their Application in Pre-Clinical Animal Model of Diabetes Kimani Gachuhi/ Dorcas Wachira
   2. CCR Assessment of gaps in diagnosis and access to treatment of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Gilgil Sub-County, Nakuru County, Kenya Margaret Mbuchi
   3. ESACIPAC Evaluation of the national school based deworming programme and determination of drug efficacy to detect possible emergence of drug resistance in soil-transmitted helminths in Kenya Janet Masaku
   4. Production Department Development and validation of quality formulations of key antiseptics and disinfectants in Kenya.  James Kimotho
   5. CGHR Experiences and challenges faced by adolescents with perinatal HIV infection in western Kenya Richard Lando
   6. CGMRC A smartphone application for community-driven disease surveillance in KHDSS: A feasibility study  Nelson Kibinge
  7. CIPDCR HIV Drug Resistance Testing as a standard of care in Kenya. Matilu Mwau
   8. CPHR Investigating Barriers To & Enablers Of Scale Up Of Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) To The Community Level In Homa Bay County Joseph Mutai 
   9. CMR A Pilot Study To Determine The Spectrum Of Opportunistic Fungal Pathogens In Cancer Patients In Selected Cancer Treatment Facilities In Kenya Appollo Obanda
  10. CVR Evaluation Of Anti-Oxidant, Anti Hiv And Anti-Cancer Properties Of Green, Black And Purple Teas In Kenya Joseph Muriuki