The Laboratory exists to provide early diagnostic, screening and disease staging services to study participants and patients and also validate and test tools for purposes of research. The laboratory services section at the Centre for Clinical

Research is divided into five (5) Units:

  1. Haematology Unit
  2. Biochemistry Unit
  3. Parasitology Unit
  4. Immunology/Basic Science Unit
  5. Histopathology/Cytology Unit
  1. Service to patients enrolled in Phase I – Phase IV Clinical Trials at the Model Clinic.
  2. Evaluate new and old diagnostic kits to improve diseased diagnosis, management and health of patients by avoiding invasive methods of diagnosis.
  3. Pathological diagnosis of neoplasm and characterization of cancers for research.
  4. Provide diagnostic services for outpatients attending KEMRI Clinics.
  5. Build capacity and mentor staff and students on attachment.
  6. Respond to disease outbreaks, participate in disease outbreaks.
  1. Alfred Musau Muia
  2. Alice Kemuma Nyasimi
  3. Beatrice Kaluyu Lingulu
  4. Benny Beldrus Septa
  5. Daniel Jenga Muturi
  6. Lucas Seremani Agura
  7. Pauline Mueni Titus
  8. Reuben Kimanzi Mutisya
  9. Richard Arina Ayieko