Current Research Areas

  1. Prevalence of Genetic Variability of Pfhrp2 and Pfhrp3 and Its Impact on Malaria Diagnosis in Kenya.
  2. Assessment of therapeutic efficacy to the antifolates, artemisinin and non-artemisinin-based combinations against falciparum malaria;
  3. Monitoring of antimalarial drug efficacy using NGS sequencing platforms
  4. The potential of FeS (Iron-sulfur) biogenesis genes, Selected Kinases and Major Transporters as mediators of resistance to amodiaquine (AQ), piperaquine (PQ) and lumefantrine (LM) in P. berghei and P. falciparum parasites.
  5. Molecular characterization and application of radionuclide techniques for the detection of drug-resistant malaria parasites.
  6. Transmission dynamics studies post-artemisinin-based intervention.
  7. Parasite population studies determining origin and dispersal mechanisms of resistant parasites.
  8. Human population studies investigating protection to malaria disease and prevalence of some human immune genes and other phenotypic markers.
  9. Development of new and effective kits and reagents for Diagnosis of malaria parasites; (RDts, LAMP)
  10. In vitro screening of natural products for antimalarial activity, towards bioprospecting for antimalarial agents.

Past, Recent, and Current activities

  1. World bank funded, East Africa Public health laboratory Network project. -EAPHLNP.
  2. KEMRI- International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) projects (1999 to date), designated as a CoE for training on radioisotopes technology
  3. World Health Organization (WHO, Geneva) Steering Committee on Rapid Diagnostic Tests in Malaria.
  4. World Health Organization (WHO-AFRO) centre of excellence for disease surveillance(2010)
  5. Antimalarial Drug Resistance Working Group on ‘Intermittent Preventive Treatment in Infants (IPTi) Consortium in Africa’ (for Kenya, Mozambique, Gabon, Tanzania, The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine-UK, Hospital Clinic, University of Barcelona-Spain, University of Tubingen-Germany-funded by the Bill-Mellinda Gates Foundation)- (2005-2006).
  6. Multilateral Initiative on Malaria on Antimalarial Drug Resistance Network for Africa-funded by  TDR (Tropical Disease Research)/WHO/UNDP/UNICEF (2002- 2005).
  7. Students training BSc attachees, Masters and PhD Degree students


  1. IAEA and NCST
  2. Department of Infectious & Tropical Diseases, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London, UK;
  3. Department of Medical Microbiology, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Nijmegen, The Netherlands;
  4. MRC Centre for Outbreak Analysis & Modelling, Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Imperial College London, London, UK;
  5. Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute, Moshi, Tanzania;
  6. The Royal Tropical Institute, KIT in the Netherlands,
  7. Departments of Genetics and Biology, University of Pennsylvania- US,
  8. ICIPE, ILRI, University of Nairobi,
  9. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture, University of Egerton, Moi University Mount Kenya University and Kenyatta University.

Selected Publications

  1. Gabriel m kishoyian Eliud N.M. Njagi  George O. Orinda  Francis T. Kimani  Kevin Thiongo  Damaris Matoke-Muhia. (2021). Efficacy of Artemisinin-lumefantrine for the treatment of uncomplicated malaria after more than a decade after its use in Kenya. Epidemiol Infect . 5;149: doi: 10.1017/S0950268820003167.
  2. Ndeye Fatou Kane; Mutinda Cleophas Kyama; Joseph Kangethe Nganga; Ahmed Hassanali; Mouhamadou Diallo; Francis Kimani. (2021). Expression of the Fab enzymes (Fab I and Fab Z) from Plasmodium falciparum after exposure to Artemisia afra plant extracts and drugs screening. Malaria Journal, in press.
  3. Baptiste Niyibizi, Peter G. Kirira, Francis T. Kimani, Fiona Oyatsi, and Joseph K. Ng’ang’a. (2020). Chemical Synthesis, Efficacy, and Safety of Antimalarial Hybrid Drug Comprising of Sarcosine and Aniline Pharmacophores as Scaffolds. Journal of Tropical Medicine,
  4. Fagdéba David Bara; Loise Ndung’u; Noah Machuki Onchieku; Beatrice Irungu; Simplice Damintoti Karou; Francis Kimani; Damaris Matoke-Muhia; Peter Mwitari; Gabriel Magoma; Alexis Nzila; Daniel Muthui Kiboi. (2020), Genetic alteration of ferredoxin NADP+-reductase or cysteine desulfurase in piperaquine-resistant Plasmodium berghei restores susceptibility to lumefantrine and abolishes the impact of probenecid, verapamil, and cyproheptadine. bioRxiv preprint doi:; t
  5. David Nderu, Francis Kimani, Kelvin Thiong’o, Evaline Karanja, Maureen Akinyi, Edwin Too, William Chege, Eva Nambati, Christian G. Meyer, Thirumalaisamy P. Velavan (2019). Plasmodium falciparum histidinerich protein (PfHRP2 and 3) diversity in Western and Coastal Kenya. Nature Scientific Reports; 9:1709.
  6. Protus Omondi, Marion Burugu, Edwin Too, Eva A. Nambati, William Chege, Kelvin B. Musyoka, Kelvin Thiongo, Maureen Otinga, Damaris Matoke Muhia, Francis Muregi, Francis Kimani. (2019). Gametocyte clearance in Children, from western Kenya, with uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria after Artemether-Lumefantrine or Dihydroartemisinin-Piperaquine Treatment. Malaria Journal.
  7. Job Oyweri, Awadh Mohammed, Rahma Udu, Jeremiah Gathirwa, Edwin Too, Protus Omondi, Suhaila Hashim, Laila Abubakar, Francis Kimani (2019). Antimalarial Potential and Safety of Different Black seed (Nigella sativa) Extracts. Biomed Research International Journal.
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  9. Gabriel Kishoyian, Eliud N.M. Njagi, George O. Orinda and Francis T. Kimani. (2018). Chloroquine Sensitivity and Prevalence of Chloroquine-resistant Genes pfcrt and pfmdr-1 in Western Kenya after Two Decades of Chloroquine Withdrawal. Ann Med Health Sci Res, 8:331-335
  10. David Nderu, Francis Kimani, Kelvin Thiong’o, Maureen Akinyi, Evaline Karanja, Christian G. Meyera, Thirumalaisamy P. Velavana. (2018). PfHRP2-PfHRP3 diversity among Kenyan isolates and comparative evaluation of PfHRP2/pLDH malaria RDT with microscopy and nested PCR methodologies. Parasitology International. 67;793–799.
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Malaria Division / Human Identification Department (HID)

Division Head, Malaria: Mr. Francis Kimani

Other Scientific Staff:

  1. Kelvin Thiong’o
  2. Mr. Fredrick Kiarie
  3. Mr. Edwin Too – on study leave

Technical Staff:

Ms. Maureen Otinga

HID Department Head: Ms. Eva Aluvaala

  1. Tiffany Wandera