It addresses the understanding of the prevalence, risk factors, associations, interventions and drug trials for reproductive health.

The Division co-ordinates Reproductive Health Research to advise on health policy and practice of reproductive health medicine in four thematic areas of:

  1. Maternal-fetal research
  2. Infertility
  3. Reproductive oncology
  4. Family health/contraception
  1. Undertake clinical trials and test tools for reproductive health conditions.
  2. To address reproductive health cancers.
  3. Address infertility and find solutions for fertility and conception.
  4. Create linkages for support of maternal and paternal health.
  5. Provide clinical solutions for management of reproductive health conditions.
  6. Working with MOH and other stakeholders to enable rapid transfer of knowledge from research into education and practice.
  7. Attract funding and partnerships for maternal, child and adolescent health.
  8. Provide consultancy to relevant bodies for capacity building.