Innovation and Technology Transfer Division has the following mandates:

  • To produce reliable, sustainable and cost-effective basic health diagnostic reagents/devices.
  • To facilitate and catalyze translation of research outcomes within the Institute into health products useful to the public.
  • Generate funds to support Research & Development activities in the Institute.
  • To contribute substantially towards increasing the local capacity in manufacturing of products used in meeting critical public health needs through technology transfer.

The Division is, ISO 17043:2010 Accredited, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 certified as well WHO cGMP compliant

Products and Services

The division offers the following products and services

  • Production of Rapid Diagnostic Kits- HIV, HBV, COVID-19 and Malaria.
  • Production of Ready to Use Culture Media.
  • Production of KEMrub® – Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer.
  • Proficiency Testing/ EQA services for HIV serology.
  • Proficiency Testing services for COVID-19 Molecular diagnosis.
  • External performance evaluation services of Medical Devices e.g. Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits and sterilizers.
  • External analysis of sterility and antimicrobial activities of products.

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