To be a leading center of excellence in research for human health.


To improve human health and quality of life through research, capacity building, innovation and service delivery.


 “In Search of Better Health” 

Our Mandates

To carry out research in human health

To cooperate with other research organizations and institutions of higher learning on matters of relevant research and training.

To liaise with other relevant bodies within and outside Kenya carrying out research and related activities.

To disseminate and translate research findings for evidence based policy formulation and implementation.

To cooperate with the Ministry of Health, the National Commission for Science, Technology & Innovation (NACOSTI) and the Medical Sciences Advisory Research Committee on matters pertaining the research policies and priorities.

To do all things as appear to be necessary, desirable or expedient to carry out its functions.

Our Core Values

We uphold zero tolerance to corruption.

We uphold the philosophy of respect and fairness to all.

We are committed to excellence and highest standards of professionalism.

We uphold purity/sanctity of life.

We are committed to promoting and supporting creativity and innovation.

We value our customers, and we endeavor to be customer focused.