Commercial Enterprises


KEMRI Commercial Enterprises Department is one among the seven departments under the Directorate of Corporate Services in the Kenya Medical Research Institute organizational structure. The department is mandated to commercialize research output and generate revenue for KEMRI. Our products and services have been developed based on the research carried out at the institute to address healthcare challenges both locally and globally


To be a Leading Centre of Research Output Commercialization.


To improve the financial sustainability of KEMRI through commercialization of research outputs and income-generating activities.

Core Values
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Customer focus
Strategic Objectives
  1. To strengthen the linkage between research and industry by continually identifying innovations and research outputs with potential commercial value.
  2. To enhance, diversify and consolidate revenue-generating activities as a step towards financial sustainability.
  3. To promote access to affordable quality products and services by complete market research cycle.
  4. To nurture entrepreneurship in health research
Kem-rub® Hand Sanitizer
  1. Alcohol-based hand sanitiser
  2. WHO-recommended formulation
  3. Guarantees 99% riddance of pathogens (Efficacy-proven by peer-reviewed studies comparing similar products in the market)
  4. Superior quality; strict quality control guidelines using international quality control strains
Tbcide Premium®
  • Chlorine-based stabilized decontaminant 5-5.6% w/v
  • Proven activity against Mycobacterium spp
  • Affordable and effective decontaminant for laboratories and hospitals
  • Superior package, superior quality
Culture Media – Ready To Use
  • KEMRI Ready-to-Use Culture Media are produced under strict Quality Controlled conditions.
  • Their quality is determined against internationally approved strains of micro-organism.
  • The manufacturing is done under ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 conditions
  • Delivery under strict cold-chain


Brain Heart Infusion Agar (BHIA) 1 x 10 petri-dishes 800/-
Campylobacter Agar 1 x 10 petri-dishes 800/-
Chocolate Blood Agar (CBA) 1 x 10 petri-dishes 800/-
CLED 1 x 10 petri-dishes 800/-
Desoxycholate Citrate Agar (DCA) 1 x 10 petri-dishes 800/-
Hektoen Enteric Agar (HEA) 1 x 10 petri-dishes 800/-
Mac Conkey Agar 1 x 10 petri-dishes 800/-
Mannitol salt Agar 1 x 10 petri-dishes 800/-
Mueller-Hinton agar (M_H) 1 x 10 petri-dishes 800/-
Viral Transport Medium (VTM)
Viral Transport Medium (VTM) 204* 3ml tubes 71,400/-
Viral Transport Medium (VTM) 80*1ml tubes 12,000/-
Kem-rub® Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
  • Automatic dispenser
  • Durable quality
  • Batteries and initial Kem-rub hand sanitizer included in price
KEMzyme (Enzyme Based Cleaner)
  • Stable enzymatic cleaner with a combination of Lipase, Amylase and protease enzymes
  • Removes organic/ biological residues in medical devices used in surgical or invasive medical procedures
  • Quick action; cleaning efficacy and stability guarantees activity within 45 minutes of exposure
  • Cost-saving; non-corrosive and equipment friendly.
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